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Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

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We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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CBD From Spray And CBD Topical Salve Maggie’s Unlimited CBD Balm Topical



  • CBD From Spray And CBD Topical Salve Maggie’s Unlimited CBD Balm Topical
  • Anyone? Best treatment for vicious tongue ulcers?!!
  • How to Dose and Use Cannabis Tinctures
  • Endexx Announces New CBD-Infused Pain Relief Products. By ( Marketwired via COMTEX) -- Maggie's Mist(C) and Maggie's Balm(C) Sold Exclusively through CBD Unlimited Maggie's Mist is a topical (on skin) application for sore and aching muscles or joints. Maggie's Balm is a soothing salve. Maggie's Balm is a fast acting CBD topical salve for pain, helping provide deep muscle pain relief and fast acting pain management upon application. Maggie's. Maggie's Balm with CBD 60ml/mg The natural solution that works! Use Maggie's Balm for pain relief from arthritis, carpal tunnel, bursitis, shin splints.

    CBD From Spray And CBD Topical Salve Maggie’s Unlimited CBD Balm Topical

    Please see my recipe above. You CAN use vodka also. We actually had to switch to Vodka for the kid, he was enjoying the everclear too much. One or 2 droppers of alcohol in juice won;t hurt your daughter.

    Follow the dosing instructions in the article. I highly recommend this for your daughter. I love tincture but keep in mind that you need to use a lot more cannabis than you would if you were smoking or vaping it. The two main processes that create consumable THC here are the decarbox process and the stripping of the THC with alcohol. If you screw up the decarbox process you end up with either a burning off some or a lot of the THC during the heating process, or b not activating all of the THC in the cannibis.

    If you use too much alcohol volume , you end up with a very weak end product. If you use too little alcohol or not strong alcohol, you may not strip off all of the THC.

    Also during the exchange process moving the cannabis from container to container, you will inevitably lose some product there as well.

    During the filtering step, you inevitably lose some as well. And because no one mentioned here, including the author of the article — be super careful working with everclear or high potency alcohol… it is combustible and will explode or catch fire if it is near a flame some of these recipes include heating to degrees — very close to the vaporization temp for alcohol.

    Working with alcohol near a flame is a fire hazard. Final caution is that when you decarbox your place will smell like the DJ booth in a reggae club. Yes you can use proof. If you use make your tincture then evaporate until no liquids are left. Then you have RSO rick Simpson oil. After that you add exactly how much proof you want and its done. Im making my first batch of tincture. I want to use something that tastes good.

    THC is not soluble in water. Once you extract the THC into the alcohol and remove the plant material, then you can add other things to improve the flavor.

    If you add sugar or candy you will have an easier time consuming tincture. Give the Nova a skip until they come out with a version without an aluminum cannister. Is it possible to make the tincture with marijuana or some other plant that gets you high? I assume it is. Hi all I just made my first batch, when the product is strained into a jar, the recipes call to seal the jar and let sit.

    You can allow the alcohol to evaporate abd make a stronger tincture. Can make a super potent tincture in tge first place as i described above. This way each drop of the tincture has 2. Need the alcohol for the extraction.

    After its strained, you can evaporate some of it and see what happens. Most ppl just dilute it in juice or something to deal with the strong taste. Let us know how your evaporation process works. I decarb my weed at for about 45 minutes. Then put in a Mason jar and add everclear just over the top of however much I decarb.

    I put the Mason jar in degrees water bath for 20 minutes Strain and put in a small amber Mason jar.. If the alcohol evaporates before that is completed you lose potency because you have less THC. Best quality, quantitative, safest method proven in a lab with gas chromatography by Pharmacepia Italy. Use a water bath and know about decarbing before you do it. Be careful no to burn off the terpenes you are looking for.

    Caryophyllene boils at deg F. If your method creates any smell, you are burning off Terpenes. This method uses Olive Oil. Everclear is made from Corn. So all ingredients upto and around the vapour point of these nasty chemicals are being sprayed into the surrounding neighbourhoods. If they are using a direct fire and not a bath like the method above, some water and all the chemicals will be in the vapour in small amounts. So while I agree with what you say, without seeing the process or doing a chemical analysis of ever clear I choose to use the safer method of using olive oil.

    I know one person who adds some VG to her tinctures, and it really does lessen the burn. Sometimes flavors are added too. I just started using The Magic Butter Machine and ran a whole batch of tincture through it with everclear.

    How do you live with that alcohol burning sensation under the tongue??? Raw honey, although keeping it mixed is a pain. I use raw honey and coconut oil infused with marijuana. Havent had any issues with separation and I do not use Lecithin. Lecithin has good fats that thc will bind with. Fats are your delivery system. Add lecithin if you want your edibles to be more potent.

    Put it in the freezer. It wilk never freeze if it is high in alcohol like everclear and being ice cold takes the bite out of everclear. You can also make jello shots with it. I have MB as well. I am told that using distilled water prior to ethanol and heat extraction will remove the chlorophyll. Frankly I believe the chlorophyll and other terpenes do have a bit of a taste…. Yikes I know what you mean, the burning is terrible from the Everclear. Cranberry juice, regular or light.

    Drink the juice and let it sit on your tongue for a bit before swallowing. What I do with making tincture is put the ground up decarboxylated flower in the jar and fill it to the top, packed in to the top of the jar, and Then fill with the alcohol. I put it in a brown paper bag in the closet. Shake it everyday for 3 months and its almost done, strain with cheesecloth lined strainer and then your done. Put in BROWN bottles, as its important to protect it from light, the strength of the cannabinoids deteriorate in light.

    Super easy to make and effective. With the un-decarboxylated tincture, his seizures were reduced to per day. I taught them how to make it themselves and got them growing their own now too.

    Son is doing well. I hope that helps, glad to assist in ANY way. I also make salve and it works quite well. This may be the last yr I grow its such a pain in the ass. Someone HAS to be here at all times. I wish there were a way to PM you and get your email, I could send directions on salve too. Hello I just read your post on leafy. Thanks for the info it is a blessing to find someone who is willing to share truthful info without a price tag. I have been looking for different means to help treat my elderly family member who suffers from chronic pain due to bone cancer.

    As an alternative to becoming addicted to norco, I have suggested using salves and oils to help alleviate the pain. If you could be so kind as to post directions on salve, I would greatly appreciate it. Any and all info shared is a blessing. I am sorry to hear about your relative, its hard to watch them suffer so.

    Salve has been a God send for me. Strain both oils thru a cheesecloth lined strainer and set aside, protecting from light. Or the Avocado oil, OR grapeseed oil, both have a higher break point, but more expensive. I wish you luck and let me know how it turns out. I go thru it like crazy, my friends line up for it. It soaks in quickly along with all those good herbs. Wish there was a place to sell leaf or trim for this purpose, but like you said, most are in for the profit not the benefits.

    My first batch cost about 35 for all the ingreds, but I have enough now to make lots. You can find containers here https: Amazon has them too. You said you were an RN. HI Erin, Has he ever tried vaping?

    Not real fancy, but it may be an option. I would be happy to help in any way I can, but need more info. Good luck with the gummies, sounds good. Did you need the recipe for the salve? Its super easy to make and my friends keep coming back for more, and I think it works very well for pain.. Melt beeswax in double boiler, once melted add shea butter and melt. Add inifused oil and remove from heat and add essential oils lemon balm and lavender essential oil drops each have containers ready and pour into oz containers, let cool.

    Good luck, let me know how it goes. Hi I would love to know about making the salve too. I have arthritis and I am too young for this constant pain even when do nothing. ITs really super easy to do.

    If you have a crock pot it makes it easy to infuse your oil. Once you infuse your oil, I uses this ratio. This will make about 5 2oz containers. The orig recipe uses less shea and wax but it was way too oily and goopy for me. IT seems to absorb better w.

    Ill try to put up the Pin where I got the orig recipe. Best wishes and hope it helps. Its nice to rub on your hands after gardening too. Absorbs best right after the shower.

    So the lemon extract is proof? Just about as strong as everclear.. I am looking forward to trying this. Okay, I want to treat Chronic Pain from Fibromyalgia. I just made a batch of tincture with Everclear using 32 grams of high quality flower buds and mls of Everclear.

    I used 15 grams of flower harvested late for a high CBD content, and 17 grams of flower buds harvested early for a high THC content. I just put it in the freezer yesterday and will wait a few weeks.

    I want to know more about the proportions — how much bud to how much Everclear? And a few years ago when my husband and I were in Amsterdam, we split a Cannabis Brownie. My husband got really high, me? When I make tincture I use trim, the sugar leaf My understanding is that it has higher CBD than the bud, but thats just what I read, not here so I use the trim for tincture with really great results..

    As for proportions, I fill a large canning jar with the trim, half gal and then fill to cover the plant matter with with vodka or everclear. Then put it in a dark place in brown paper bag and let it marinate for months.

    Be sure and date the top…lol Protected from light and shake it every few days I dont grind it, as its already without stems, and fine enough.

    If you dicarboxylate your canna first, it can activate the THC converts thc-a to thc more cerebral effect rather than just the CBD. You may not be ingesting high enough dosage of THC to get the cerebral effects your looking for with a high tolerance, you can try increasing the dose slightly until you find a dose that works.

    I had that once, but got over it with juicing daily, good nutrition and anti inflammatory diet, if you havent tried that yet. It takes allot of patience to get thru it all. I just made my first batch using the master wu recipe with the water bath method.

    However,I just realized I made a big error, need to know how to fix it. I used 8x the alcohol! Instead of 2 oz, I did It seems it would take quite some time to cook off the extra liquid. I do have enough to nearly double it. Get the Nova or Lift Decarboxylator by Ardent! Why they would do this is beyond me, especially when the fixed liner within is made of stainless steel: I expect more from a company that is making devices intended to be used by medical users the Lift is supposedly for recreational users, but according to the company is exactly the same as the Nova….

    Huge waste of money. Why not line it with parchment paper then? Also, the Nova and Lift are the same thing. After that all you need is a double boiler; add the plant material and butter and simmer at around degrees F for 1 hr; stirring every 15 minutes; cool, strain, and ready to use for any of your favorite receipts that require butter. Save your money on the devices. I fill a mason jar with shake, then fill to the top with the alcohol. Tincutre turns out quite well.

    All depends on how strong you want it. My very first time using cannabis was in a Rum based tincture. But i came back to tibctures.

    Each drop has 2. I microdose because i hate being high. Another reasin i make my tinctures so potent is that alcohol is dangerous to the liver and brain cells. So i consume the least alcohol possible.

    Make a hot cup of coffee, tea, soup, oatmeal, or even a hot piece of bread. Add my drops of tincture and theres an instant edible. It can be so confusing. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks for the information, appreciate it. Never tried tincture or pills, only smoked it, but since that is all our state of Florida allows, right now…. I once tried the method of gently heating my tincture in a water bath, nothing was touching the surface of the pot I was using.

    Scared the living hell out of me. Now I understand why people are critical of Leafly itself….. The Nova is still a piece of junk until Ardent redesigns it. No amount of comment-removal will change that. Removing critical, legitimate comments just ensures that more charlatans in this new industry are going to be ripping people off.

    I have a problem with the decarbox process because of the odor issue. Is there any way to do the infusion first and then decarbox the tincture afterwards i. If anybody knows of one with a lab grade glass or a stainless steel canister, please let me know. Also, the comment about Everclear being made from corn and GMO is somewhat unclear. Otherwise, what else is the next best thing besides just proof vodka?

    You can have tincture so strong that 9 drops has 25 mg cannabinoids or so weak you have to drink 90 mls 2 shots to get tye same dose. I followed the Modern recipe. I used just enough alcohol to cover the plant matter. I bought some medicinal tincture and I really want to make cookies. Hi Christopher, if you are making 12 cookies, use 12 x your daily tincture amount. I add full extract oil to coconut oil to use in place of butter and this works well.

    Say 3 grams of oil to one cup coconut oil or clarified butter, heat and mix. So basically heat the oil tincture and butter together, then mix with all ingredients and bake? I use tequila in my recipe — it takes great with the weed. That way I can have a tasty drink to sip on instead of a tiny little tincture drop. Way more pleasant to me! Every drop of my tinctures has 2. Please help… I have five quart sized canning jars. And purchased a fifth of everclear. Pu the herb in the jar.

    Pour the alcohol to completely cover the herb. Put the lid on shake well snd sit in a sunny window for the alcohol to extract the cannabinoids. I want to make gummies and candies with the tincture. How do I figure out the dosage per gummy? How much bud does it take to produce the equivalent of a commercially available dropper-bottle? So most of these responses are for treating illnesses.

    What if I wanted to use the tincture for Jello or to make gummies for me and my friends what would be the ideal recipe to get high. But not to be tripping balls.

    Could anyone tell me or point the way how to make tincture using everclear and coconut oil in the crockpot? Marla, they are 2 different processes. The tincutre, is made by soaking the product in alcohol.

    When i use tincture sublingually it burns of my part of tongue because of high percent of alcohol. Ill break it down for you guys easy. Decarb at degrees for 40 minutes if you wanna get high, this will stink up your place. Use a sealed mason jar and or oven bags to do it without smell or with minimal smell.

    Next you freeze your bud and everclear for at least a few hours but close to a full day is ideal, forgot i like to use a grinder to grind my weed to almost powder, people disagree on this but honestly you can grind before or after the decarb, i usually do before but you can do it after too. Or break up bud into smaller buds, u can leave buds whole but if they are bigger they might need more time to extract the tricomes and you just might not get them all.

    Oh also have a frozen jar you plan to mix in. Then after everything is frozen pour your hopefully proof everclear over your frozen buds, and close the lid and shake like hell for at least minutes then throw it back in the freezer for like 2 hours, take it out and shake like hell again.

    This can be done without killing yourself but if to much alcohol vapor with it heavier then air sinks down to your open flames you can get at least a kitchen fire and damage your tincture but you could cause an explosion too so why risk it? And trust me this works just as well if not better. After you strain your bud put it back in a jar and pour more frozen alcohol over it. After you shake your 2nd wash for at least 5 minutes for shaking longer is better to a point then strain this with the filter you already have set up, this saves time setting up 1 filter instead of 2 i use coffee filters also wet your filters with fresh alcohol to reduce the amount of tincture they soak up.

    Combine the alcohol from both runs and reduce by at least half and try it, i reduce more usually. You probably want at least 3grams of buds per ounce of finished tincture. Then you can winterize to improve taste if you like, or the best part is you can easily transfer your tincture to tons of things, like honey, aguave, sugar, possibly glycerin?

    Most is removed with one wash your correct. But there is some left in the bud after 1 wash, but most is left in the alcohol thats still in the bud after 1 wash.

    Doing the 2nd wash pulls out that alcohol thats still in the buds and it mixes with the fresh alcohol. This will increase your potency. You could even do it a 3rd, 4th, 5th time etc…. It basically becomes a case of diminishing returns and at some point the cost of alcohol outweighs the cost of cannabis.

    If you grow then 1 wash is probably fine cause alcohol probably costs you more then alittle bud. If your paying for your cannabis then I believe people will benifit from the 2nd wash. The key with using a 2nd was is evaporation after your done, then you can evaporate your alcohol to reach almost any potency you want.

    Set up a double boiler, keep the alcohol tincture away from the stove. Add the water to the bottom of the double boiler and bring to a boil. Turn the stove off, Then place the top portion with the tincture in it on the bottom add some coconut oil and flavoring if desired.

    Stir occasionally and you convert it over to a coconut oil tincture. I recommend turning all kitchen fans on also. Once the process is finished and and it turns into a black solid , then how do I make it into an oil to use for putting drops under your toung? Sorry new to this. But finished product was small hard black substance.

    When I wanted to be able to use as drops for under the toung. I was given drops before and worked wonders for my pain. I have stage 4 ovarian cancer. Hope this can still be used to make drops.

    This matter turned solid and black. Can it be dissolved into anything to make an oil for drops? I live in an apartment in PA and decarbing will cause odors and probably the law. I have some old over a year flower that I want to make into a tincture.

    Can you tell me what I can do? I want the THC intact. My brother has a brain injury and about a year ago we started using edibles to help with some of the psychosis he has from the injury. It has worked amazingly. We have previously been infusing the weed with coconut oil and administering it to him that way, but over the past several months he has been gaining weight consistently.

    To change his diet and to make a healthier alternative, we are considering make a tincture. Does anyone know how much weed should be mixed with how much alcohol? And do you guys find a tincture mix to be as effective as infused oil? Hi, can I put my tincture on the fridge? Live in LA with no AC… can get really hot in the appartment. You are asking why high proof alcohol burns in your mouth…really?

    You would do a process called reduction. You will get a double boiler and have your fully strained tincture in a jar or measuring cup Pyrex. Heat the tincture slowly and swish the solution around every few seconds. If you used Everclear it will reduce quickly. Then put product in dark bottle infinity jars or any other ultraviolet glass dropper is best store and enjoy. I mean, if it bothers you so much to be asked, why bother answering? Been using rubbing alcohol and herb solution as a topical solution and rub.

    For muscle and joint pain in the extreme. Do the tinctures on this page using ever clear good for this. Do I close the mason jar when boiling or leave it open?

    How high should the water be covering the jar? What if I use desnaturalized alcohol? Can I use it like medical marijuana for bone or muscular pain? I make a weaker version with abv and whatever alcohol, last time I used vanillla vodka. My question is do you have a lid on the jar and do you entirely cover it with water like you are canning?

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    Almost like a spa for medical marijuana, Elemental Wellness has everything from yoga and sound-healing classes to massage and cannabis-cooking seminars. It truly combines the physical and mental well-being aspects of MMJ.

    The selection of things available is dizzying. There are some interesting seeds in the nursery, and its MMJ-infused skin care products are wonderful. With two San Francisco locations, think of it as the Whole Foods of marijuana dispensaries. According to Business Insider , Caliva is the No. These guys are incredible.

    Caliva has its garden on-site, so the menu changes frequently. Its concentrates and edible menus are diverse, featuring everything from chocolate-covered espresso beans to MMJ-infused bath salts. Also notable is that it has six exceptionally knowledgeable budtenders who all specialize in different areas and are deeply interested in all things cannabis.

    The aviation-themed dispensary Airfield Supply Co. It offers cannabis cultivation classes, which useful for anyone who wants to grow their favorite medical marijuana strains at home. Founded by a group of health and fitness fanatics, Airfield Supply Co also offers chiropractic and acupuncture services so members can develop their physical, mental and emotional fitness.

    This marijuana dispensary strives to provide a complete healing solution, excelling in compassion and professionalism. Its menu seems to go on for days, but its standout feature is the deep roots the dispensary have within the community. It shares its profits with four local nonprofit organizations. California Herbal Remedies is one of the best for many reasons.

    First, there is a Mexican restaurant next door. If you want more solid medical reasons to check it out, the fact that it carries more than 70 medical marijuana strains should be enough. Check out the specialty strains, which are highly psychoactive. This place is different: Coast to Coast Collective is in its own building with security, and it comes with parking, so you feel comfortable and in professional hands straight off the bat.

    Then comes the fact that the dispensary takes the utmost pride in its product. It grows everything on-site, so it is rarely out of stock. The staff is highly intelligent and educated about the medical marijuana they grow.

    The dispensary has a friendly vibe and provides a sense of wholesome healing. Humboldt Patient Resource Center has been around for more 16 years, so it was one of the first marijuana dispensaries in California and rightfully has many awards to its name. It has a great selection of clones available for you to start your medical garden at home, and it holds a Clean Green certification, which ensures it abides by the best practices in the industry when it comes to all things fertilizers, pesticides, waste management and patient information.

    This dispensary is the bomb. With budtenders who are truly passionate and knowledgeable and will respond to your every query, this dispensary is a laid-back place to get your MMJ. As more than half the states across the U.

    Great strides have certainly been accomplished in regards to the legalization of medical cannabis, but recent reports out of Washington, D. Although any imminent action from the Department of Justice has been denied, this news has understandably troubled many citizens and politicians alike. Politicians often shy away from their stance on recreational cannabis, yet a substantial number have often voiced their support of its use for medicinal reasons, and there are some conservative surprises residing within the more typical left-leaning folk.

    Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, is a huge supporter of medical cannabis. Sanders has, on more than one occasion, gone on record as saying that he believes tobacco is more harmful to human health than cannabis. Sanders also supports recreational cannabis. John McCain is notoriously uncompromising when it comes to policy. Arizona decriminalized medicinal marijuana back in , but since then, McCain surprised everyone by advocating the use of recreational cannabis, cited as saying: I respect the will of the people.

    Allen Peake is far and away one of the most surprising political figures to support medical cannabis. Although the use of cannabis for either medical or recreational reasons remains outlawed in Georgia, Peake was instrumental in the passing of House Bill 1, which legalized the possession of cannabis oil for people in the state who suffer from a number of sicknesses.

    Although many supporters of medical cannabis also support the legalization of recreational use, Sen. Maggie Hassan is not one of them. Nevertheless, in , the New Hampshire senator signed a bill into law authorizing the implementation of medical cannabis. Even though medical cannabis has been legal in the state since , Gov. Chris Christie has made it exceedingly challenging to acquire medical cannabis. Alternatively, Booker believes it to be important; he co-sponsored a federal amendment offering legal protection to patients who receive cannabis treatment.

    Elizabeth Warren is a firm supporter of medical cannabis. She has previously related the benefits of marijuana consumption to her own life experience: As reports suggest, cannabis is a particularly contentious issue in Washington at the moment.

    Marijuana laws in the United States have made great strides in recent years. Since California first made medical marijuana legal back in , 28 other states and Washington, D.

    Although more states have also legalized medicinal marijuana use in certain respects, limitations are still in place that often restrict psychoactive strains and require a physician to prescribe the drug versus simply recommend it.

    Nevertheless, the outlook on marijuana throughout the U. Not only is medical marijuana perfectly legal in more than half of the states, but also recreational use is permitted in eight of those states with California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada all electing to legalize recreational marijuana in November So how long until the rest of the country follows in their footsteps?

    Several key factors play a huge role in predicting which states will be next in casting a positive judgment on the use of medical marijuana. Given the results of the general election, along with the subsequent picks for certain positions within government, a wrench or two have certainly been thrown into the mix.

    For example, although the general public has voted to legalize the use of marijuana on a state-by-state basis, cannabis use is still illegal under federal law.

    Despite there being a total of 44 states in which some form of cannabis law exists, the federal government regulates drugs through the Controlled Substances Act , which does not recognize a difference between medical and recreational use.

    Under federal law, cannabis is treated no differently than other substances such as heroin and cocaine. Furthermore, Jeff Sessions, Alabama senator turned attorney general, is known to have a bitter disdain for any kind of marijuana use. However, as the federal government does not have the ability to direct state and local police, and with only 80, out of 1. So, which states are the most likely to legalize the use of medical marijuana next?

    In fact, lawmakers in numerous states have already introduced medical marijuana bills in the session. Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina and Texas all have a reasonably good chance to legalize medicinal marijuana within or soon thereafter. Kentucky has already implemented a highly limited law regarding cannabidiol CBD strains of medical marijuana, allowing patients with intractable epilepsy and a written recommendation from their physician to obtain CBD oil.

    Matt Bevin has also acknowledged medical evidence associated with marijuana. Furthermore, a Kentucky health poll found that 78 percent of state residents support legalizing the drug for medicinal purposes. Missouri put forward the New Approach Missouri Bill in the election. Although regrettably falling short by 23 signatures to make the ballot, this bill would have given voters the opportunity to decide upon the use of medical marijuana. On Jan 5, , Republican Rep. Jim Neely introduced House Bill , which would allow terminally ill patients access to marijuana.

    Additional support is highlighted through a public poll, which found that 62 percent of Missouri voters support medical marijuana. It may surprise you to find Texas making this discussion, too. The historically conservative state still currently holds some of the strictest marijuana laws in the country. But in , lawmakers legalized low-THC cannabis oil for patients suffering from intractable epilepsy. Polling also found 71 percent of Texans support expanding medical marijuana treatment.

    Several bills introduced by legislators have suggested new policies will come eventually, and a CBD-only bill was approved in for those suffering from intractable epilepsy. With a 74 percent approval rate, polling found an overwhelming majority of residents are in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. As is apparent from numerous state laws regarding the use of medical marijuana, progress is happening.

    Although it is unlikely to be legalized at a federal level anytime soon, more states are becoming increasingly liberal in their outlook toward the drug. Further state legalizations or not, cannabis is assured to continue its immense growth across the U. If you have a medical marijuana card California, making cannabis oil at home is easy-peasy! Cannabis oil is a potent substance that can be eaten, inhaled, or rubbed on topically.

    It is the foundation to many tasty edible marijuana recipes. Cannabis oil is also a potent medicine containing large amounts of healthy cannabinoids. Both are present in a well made cannabis oil. The oil can be used to treat a whole host of physiological and psychological conditions, including headache, insomnia, muscle pain, inflammation, arthritis, glaucoma, anxiety and depression.

    Cannabis oil can even have anti-cancer effects. Studies are suggesting that cannabinoids can inhibit tumor growth by disrupting the formation of new blood vessels that the tumors need to grow. Cannabinoids even seem to attack cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells intact. Using cannabis oil is a very effective way to get a high dose of health-promoting cannabinoids, because the refining process removes all of the plant material and leaves only pure oil behind. It is definitely advisable to choose a high-quality strain of medical marijuana to make your cannabis oil with.

    If you have a cannabis card you can ask at your local dispensary which strain they recommend for making a nice and pure oil, or you can grow your own weed at home and use that. It is good to use an organic strain because otherwise the unpleasant chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are used in the growing process in some card states will end up in your oil in concentrated levels.

    The purer the strain, the better. It is important that you choose the right location to make your oil. You will need to find a well-ventilated and open space with windows and a gas or electric stove. You will be using are 1 ounce of medical marijuana, available with a California medical marijuana card, and 1 gallon of high proof alcohol, such as Everclear.

    Be certain to use alcohol that is intended for human consumption, do not use rubbing alcohol. The tools you will need are 1 medium glass or ceramic mixing bowl, a wooden spoon, a straining device such as a muslin bag, cheesecloth or coffee filter paired with a mesh strainer, a container to catch liquid, a silicon spatula, a double boiler, a plastic syringe, and glass jars.

    At various stages in the process you will need to wear a respirator mask, non-latex gloves, safety glasses and oven mitts. Stir and mash the mixture with the wooden spoon for about 3 minutes.

    Strain the mixture, letting the dark green cannabis infused alcohol pour into the second container while trapping the solid mash in the strainer. Put the mashed up contents of the strainer back into the first bowl, submerge in fresh alcohol and mix and mash for another 3 minutes.

    Then strain the new mixture and add the remaining green liquid to the green liquid from the first strain. Fill the bottom half of the double boiler with water, and pour the dark green liquid into the top section. Put the double boiler on the stove and bring the water in the bottom section to the boil. Once the water is boiling it will begin to heat the green liquid. Once the green liquid is bubbling the alcohol will begin to evaporate. Let the contents bubble away at a low heat, occasionally scraping the sides and bottom of the top section with your spatula.

    When the liquid stops bubbling and becomes a thick, dark green syrup, all the alcohol has evaporated and your cannabis oil is ready!

    Remove the top section of the double boiler and allow the oil to cool. Draw the cannabis oil into the plastic syringe by pulling on the plunger. Transfer the oil from the syringe into a clean glass jar with an airtight lid. Keep the oil in the airtight glass jars in a cool, dark cabinet. The oil gets hard in cool temperatures, so gently warm the oil to turn it back into liquid before use. Smoking your medical cannabis is enjoyable and easy, and it certainly hits the spot.

    In this article we will share 4 of our favorite recipes for medical marijuana edibles. The base of all of these recipes, the ingredient that gives these treats their special allure, is cannabutter. So we will start off by describing how to make this vital ingredient.

    Your cannabutter will only be as good as the medical marijuana that you make it with, so be sure to use your cannabis card to get a nice strain of herb. The stronger the weed, the stronger the butter. Make sure that the weed you are using has been decarbed. Grind up the weed. Melt the butter in a saucepan. Use 4 sticks of butter for every ounce of medical cannabis.

    Once the butter has melted completely, add the dried and ground marijuana gently and gradually, stirring as you go. Once the weed is in turn the heat right the way down so the mixture is barely simmering. Allow it to stew away for anything from 1 to 3 hours, stirring regularly.

    When the mixture turns glossy and thick it is ready. Pour the mixture through a strainer into a heatproof bowl or plastic food container. Allow the cannabutter to cool at room temperature for an hour, and then place it in the fridge. Your delicious cannabis infused butter is ready to use in your medical marijuana edibles! They taste better when eaten with a grandma though.

    My mother always makes trifle at Christmas. I can usually take it or leave it. This recipe makes 4 servings of the medical marijuana edibles. Brownies are the classic cannabis-infused treat. These particular brownies are a little different, they use white chocolate-chips and peppermint! If the side-effects are more prominent than the desired effects, then the drug is, in most cases, considered dangerous and unhelpful. This is how things are supposed to work, but pharmaceuticals are big money and so the investments — and therefore interests — of many people are dependent on the drugs that they produce, distribute, and sell.

    These vested interests mean the primary focus of pharmaceutical companies is not where it should be, not on the treatment of ailments and diseases but on reducing costs and increasing sales. I think we can all agree skimping on the medications of the sick members of our country is far from ideal. But even those pharmaceutical companies with ethics at the center of their scopes may be limited to certain areas.

    How does traditional medicine compare to medical cannabis? Are they two paths to the same result? Or do their results vary distinctly? What should we be using?

    All these questions will be answered in the below article as we close the book on the medical cannabis versus traditional medicine once and for all. Many of these chronic diseases and disorders are also treatable with traditional medicine. But in order to see which works better, we must look at the degree to which either is effective and compare. With regard to mental illness, pharmaceuticals have been long known to sufficiently reduce the lows but at the cost of reducing the highs too.

    Users describe feeling empty or dead inside. This has been known to lead to self-harm or efforts at suicide in attempts to feel once again. Of course, when you have suicidal thoughts, having large quantities of potentially lethal drugs at your disposal is a very bad idea. More than 15 million people abuse prescription drugs, more than the combined number who reported abusing cocaine, hallucinogens, inhalants and heroin!

    And every day in the US, 2, more youths abuse a prescription pain reliever. Prescription drugs give the illusion of safety and this makes them incredibly dangerous and makes their users highly susceptible to overdose. Medical cannabis, on the other hand, is able to create a natural sense of euphoria for long periods of time from relatively small doses of the plant edibles without producing negative emotions on the comedown.

    To make it more appealing, there are certain realms in which medical marijuana has been able to treat things no traditional medicine can. As much as 30 percent of people with epilepsy — many of which are children — still have seizures while on FDA-approved treatments. In some cases, seizures run as high as daily leaving patients despairing and wondering if there will be an end.

    Those that turn to medical marijuana in an attempt to take back control quickly are astounded by its effectiveness and can often reduce seizures completely. Its advantages have been enough to have large pharmaceutical juggernauts shaking in their boots. Why fork out huge fees for unnatural drugs when there is an inexpensive, natural plant that proves just as effective?

    Get your medical cannabis card online! Also, marijuana — or more specifically, THC — has been proven to have plentiful positive effects on brain cells. THC is a powerful neuroprotectant. Medical marijuana has many variants, some of which are high in the psychoactive THC. THC can have detrimental effects on mental health for those with anxiety, panic disorder, paranoia amongst other mental disorders.

    If you think you or a close relative suffers from any such disorder it may best to avoid THC dominant strains. Medical marijuana is still a drug and should be treated as such, this article simply aims to prove that this drug may be more effective than other lab-based drugs; but they nonetheless all remain drugs and all have side-effects that may or may not mean that you should avoid.

    Its use will become ubiquitous and state laws and eventually federal laws will change to reflect the reformed opinions of the masses. Pain plays a vitally important role in the human body. Whether we like it or not, pain acts as the important alarm system that tells us when something is wrong — we simply cannot live without it. For those of us who suffer from chronic, daily pain the search for effective and long lasting relief seems endless and oftentimes when something potent enough is prescribed it comes at the cost of debilitating side effects.

    Thankfully, as California medical marijuana laws become more lax, cannabis card holders can now enjoy the unrivalled pain relieving effects of MMJ without fear of being persecuted for doing so. A clinical trial conducted by Mark Ware MD at McGill University in Montreal found that as little as three puffs of MMJ a day significantly reduced the chronic nerve pain of medical marijuana card holders enabling them to live more independently and sleep much better.

    So how exactly does MMJ ease pain? Put simply, it does so by working in conjunction with the endocannabinoid system within the human body. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating some of our most important biological functions like sleep, immunity and pain. It does so by releasing endocannabinoids to control these functions when they start to get out of whack. When endocannabinoids are not able to deal with this problem on their own, this is where we get into serious trouble and where pain can start to spiral out of control.

    When one consumes medical marijuana as a way of relieving this pain, the active cannabinoids within the plant mimic the work of the endocannabinoids giving them a much needed boost and enabling them to do their job better.

    THC acts as an extremely potent pain reliever and anti-inflammatory as well as an antioxidant and muscle relaxant. CBD, on the other hand, has potent anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and anti-psychotic properties. These two components have an amazing synergizing effect insofar as they work exponentially better together than they do alone.

    As well as cannabinoids, medical marijuana also contains terpenoids and flavonoids which work in conjunction with the other active components of the plant to provide the body with further relief from pain and inflammation.

    This combination not only provides pain relief but also has been noted to ease nausea, stimulate bone growth, prevent seizures and even reverse the growth of some cancer cells. For migraine relief go for a strain like Blueberry Headband. If you suffer from chronic spinal pain, opt for indica strain Mazar. Mazar is absolutely packed with cannabinoids that have an extremely potent painkilling effect, much more so than other strains.

    Left unsatisfied by more traditional methods, people who suffer from chronic pain have benefited greatly from the medical professions increasingly lax views on cannabis as a form of analgesic. Cannabis usage as a way of relieving pain has been an absolute godsend for California medical marijuana card holders and thanks to the advent of more progressive MMJ laws across the country, more and more people now have access to the potentially life changing plant.

    As ever though, it is imperative that you talk to your physician and obtain a certified California medical marijuana license before embarking on your treatment. Modern medicine is slowly but surely waking up to the huge health and healing benefits of medical marijuana. MMJ is now being used to treat and manage a whole host of physiological and psychological diseases. However, despite a slew of studies showing its effectiveness, and mountains of anecdotal evidence from cannabis card patients who have benefited from its use, there is still controversy surrounding medical marijuana.

    In many circles, marijuana is viewed as a harmful and deviant drug. Rigid thinking in this area means that many people refuse to see cannabis as anything but the dangerous and degrading substance they have been brainwashed into believing it is. For much of the 19th century, physicians happily, and to great effect, prescribed Cannabis Indica for a wide range of ailments including nervous disorders, labor pains, nausea, asthma, sexual dysfunction, and headache.

    Well over studies published in the 19th century validated its effectiveness. But in things changed. The Marijuana Tax Act became law and the use of marijuana for medical purposes or otherwise became illegal.

    Propaganda was disseminated that said cannabis was of no medicinal benefit and that it was, in fact, sinister and harmful. Stories of people going crazy and committing acts of wild violence and sexual depravity while under the influence of the evil herb marijuana were circulated and the notion that weed was a satanic and horrendous poison seeped into the national consciousness.

    These wild stories were thoroughly false and baseless, yet a naive populace believed them anyway. It seems possible that the alcohol industry, which had just exploded after the end of prohibition in , also stood to benefit from a total ban on marijuana.

    California passed Proposition in which allowed the use of medical cannabis in the state for people with a California medical marijuana card. Gradually other states opened their eyes to the undeniable benefits of issuing medical cards and followed suit, legalizing marijuana for medical use. By the beginning of , 28 US states had legalized medical marijuana. The benefits of cannabis cards for modern medicine are now being thoroughly explored and studies are bringing a whole host of new and unexpected benefits to light.

    This is an excellent development in the fight against cancer. Cannabinoids even seem to have an advantage over chemotherapy because, while chemo tends to annihilate healthy cells as well as cancerous cells, cannabinoids seem to kill cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells intact.

    Not only is MMJ easing the pain and suffering of patients with a raft of different diseases, and showing potential to kill tumors, but it is also, according to research from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, showing great potential to improve neurological functioning after a stroke, and a study from the National Cancer Institute is even suggesting that it could have a protective effect against the development of certain tumors!

    So the real story of medical marijuana and modern medicine is a beautiful love story. There was a passionate honeymoon full of laughter, lust and wild nights. Then came a tumultuous middle period in which mistrust, wild accusations and hurt feelings lead to an acrimonious break-up.

    But that break-up was ultimately character building, and it let the lovers realize just how much then really meant to each other, and they finally got back together in a wonderful reunion, and a renewed, more mature, and deeper love flourished, and looks set to continue to flourish forever more! Warms your heart, right? What are the effects of using medical cannabis in conjunction with other medication? Does your marijuana interfere with other medication? It is important to understand how any combination of drugs you are taking will work together and the effects that mixing them will have on your body and mind.

    In order to avoid any unwanted effects from drug interactions inside your body, it is crucial that you keep your doctor informed and listen carefully to his or her advice. Many widely taken prescription and nonprescription drugs, when taken in combination, will react chemically inside the body. These reactions can be good, bad, or benign. Marijuana can have an additive effect when taken in conjunction with certain pain medications. The effect can be unpredictably strong. Cannabis is often prescribed alongside NSAIDs non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the relief of pain symptoms from arthritis.

    The combination is very effective for reducing pain. Patients using their California medical card alongside painkillers need to be careful because the potentiation of these drugs can lead to drowsiness or depression of the central nervous system which controls heart rate and respiration.

    Medications that are dedicated central nervous system CNS depressants or sedatives can bring on a feeling of drowsiness.

    Some medications prescribed for insomnia, anxiety, depression and, as previously mentioned, pain relief fall into this category. Antihistamines, which are used in the treatment of allergy symptoms associated with hay fever, have a depressing effect on the CNS. Antihistamines can cause drowsiness, so when used in combination with a California weed card can have a potentiated effect.

    Antihypertensives are commonly used by people with hypertension to lower their blood pressure. Some strains of medical cannabis, especially sativa-dominant strains, can temporarily increase blood pressure, so if you are taking drugs to lower blood pressure be aware that certain strains of weed may counteract their effects. Hormone medications can be effected by medical cannabis use. Marijuana can make the oestrogen used in birth control or as hormone replacement therapy less effective.

    This means the intended effects of these drugs may be compromised. The effect of medications that metabolize within the liver may be strongly impacted by the presence of medical marijuana in the system. Cannabis has been known to slow down, or speed up, certain processes the liver uses to break down medication.

    This can result in medications being at a higher blood concentration or lasting longer than would normally be the case, or alternatively, being processed more rapidly and losing their effect more quickly.

    Therefore, the dose or frequency of these medications may need to be adjusted when they are being taken in conjunction with medical marijuana.

    It has sometimes been noted that certain medications that may be used to treat patients with cancer, HIV, and people who have had an organ transplant may sometimes interact with medical marijuana. Since many people with these conditions use medical cannabis to manage their symptoms, it is important to check with a doctor to be sure that the particular drugs you are taking are appropriate to take alongside MMJ.

    Cannabis has been shown to decrease the effectiveness of metformin known by the brand name Glucophage which is used as an aid in controlling the blood sugar levels of diabetes patients, as the effect of lowering blood sugar is opposed by cannabinoids.

    So these are some of the more common potential side effects of mixing medical cannabis with other drugs. There can be many advantages to using your card along with other useful drugs, but it is always wise to be conscious and aware of what you are putting into your body, and how those substances will react with each other.

    Post-traumatic stress disorder is a disorder that affects certain people who have experienced a highly traumatic event.

    Being involved in warfare, extreme violence, or a road accident, or being the victim of child abuse, sexual assault, terrorism, or other threats to life can result in a person experiencing PTSD. The main symptoms of this brutal condition are flashbacks, chronic anxiety, depression, insomnia and nightmares.

    Sufferers respond to innocuous events and cues in the external and their internal world with an acute panic response, because they remind them of the initial trauma they experienced. There is a wealth of evidence demonstrating the benefits of medical marijuana for individuals suffering from PTSD. By aiding in something called memory extinction, marijuana can help reduce the association between innocuous stimuli in the present and traumatic events from the past. It also calms the body and mind, reduces stress, and aids sleep.

    A University of Haifa study from showed that rats that were exposed to trauma, who received a synthetic cannabinoid within 24 hours, did not exhibit PTSD symptoms, however rats that were not treated with the cannabinoid did develop symptoms.

    This study led to an understanding of the neurological characteristics of the behavioral effects of PTSD. In traumatized subjects there was an increase in brain receptors associated with emotional processing. Cannabis was shown to decrease the numbers of these specific receptors in the areas of the brain that imprinted traumatic memories. A study by Dr. There is no doubt that medical marijuana is a very effective treatment for PTSD, but not all weed strains are equally effective.

    Here is a list of seven hybrid strains that people have reported work particularly well in combating PTSD. It contains a nice dose of indica which produces a warm feeling of physical relaxation also. Grand Daddy Purple is a very pleasant indica-dominant hybrid that produces feelings of happiness, positivity and relaxation. It is often used by cannabis card holders who suffer from depression, and is widely regarded as an excellent strain for treating PTSD.

    It has quite low levels of THC, and is ideal for people who enjoy a mild but very manageable psychoactive effect. It will produce a light, sedative high and is ideal for relieving the anxiety that comes with PTSD. A very popular indica-dominant strain that is famously good for pain and stress relief is Blueberry Kush. It puts the body into a very relaxed state, and is widely availed of by PTSD sufferers. Northern Lights is a massively popular indica-dominant strain that is used extensively by people with cannabis cards who suffer with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.

    It brings on a mellow high and is a fantastic sleep aid. It takes hold fast and knocks you out hard. Northern Lights and heavy machinery are not happy or safe bedfellows! Even more of an insomnia-wrecker is Master Kush. This is a firm favorite of people who are cursed with chronic and extreme insomnia.

    It is a very strong strain that is not for first time smokers. You should be an experienced card user before you use this powerful strain! It will knock you out hard and fast, producing a super-mellow high and ultra-relaxed body. The effects are pleasantly relaxing. It provokes a warm, happy feeling, and is eminently usable for during the day. Many PTSD sufferers have enjoyed the effects that this pleasant strain has given them. But there is also a lot to be said for cultivating your own medical cannabis.

    It is a beautiful feeling to sit back, relax, and spark up a bowl that you yourself have reared, tended to, and watched develop over a period of several months. It is a very satisfying experience to grow your own weed, and a rewarding day when you smoke the herb that you have produced with your own hands.

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    Hemp & Honey Lip Balm - Garden Therapy adapted from A Green Guide to Natural Beauty recipe p. LED tealights in them (and spray painting them to match the colour theme. . Learn how to make a cannabis CBD salve from CBD infused oil. This topical cannabis salve is highly medicinal and has many uses, including.


    Check out this board for info about pets using CBD treats and even some of the Sprays, chew treats for Dogs, Cats, Horses, & even birds. .. CBD hemp oil infused lip balm - 3 Flavors Plus new lower prices on salve and vape liquid! Want to try a CBD topical but don't want to sink a ton of money into a product you .


    derived from the cannabis plant called cannabinoid (CBD). The products range from an all-purpose hemp ointment costing £, hemp.


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