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  • Antibiotics: these are drugs that kill microbes, such as bacteria and yeast, and They don't kill viruses, but they are sometimes prescribed to treat secondary . Drug dosages in humans can be vastly different from what's appropriate for a dog or cat. and you don't want to give your pet too much or too little of its medication . If you're just starting with CBD on your dog, this is highly recommended. variety of bodily processes using endocannabinoids (like anandamide and 2-AG). Ideally, you'll want to start your pet off on a small dose of CBD and then produces CBD-rich capsules, which are great for dogs or pets that don't like the regular oil. CBD is a powerful compound that shows a lot of promise in helping dogs, In general, CBD oils are always administered in drops. for a dose can vary from one product to another, but generally consist of If you have a small dog under 20lbs, you need less CBD, or a less potent oil. 1 bottle is just double the size.

    Small Humans Dosage Were Don’t Pets 2. Just as Calculate if Your

    U insulin needs to be used in U syringes. How do I know that? Now since you made sure that the insulin has the same designated Units U40 as the syringes, all you have to do is draw up to the 10 units mark on the syringe to get the correct dose. Now since you made sure that the insulin has the same designated Units U as the syringes, all you have to do is draw up to the 50 units mark on the syringe to get the correct dose.

    Needles are marked with a gauge designation which tells you how thin the needle is— the higher the number, the thinner the needle is. For most insulin, using the highest gauge thinnest needle possible would provide the most comfort to your pet.

    As always, if for whatever reason you feel uncomfortable or need assistance with figuring the insulin dose please, please, call your veterinarian or your PetMeds Pharmacist.

    Getting the correct dose of insulin into your pet is extremely important. I ordered new insulin syringes and did not realize the the difference.

    Is the only difference the amount the syringe holds? It looks like a different amount would be drawn up. I only give 5cc per dose. Do they give the same dose? Both U40 syringes will contain the exact volume of liquid when drawing out a specific dose from a U40 insulin.

    BTW, I am giving a small 10 poodle insulin shots. My dog has diabetes and I have been giving him 6 units of Vetsulin 40 units per mL u for dogs and cats every twelve hours with a U syringes and everything was fine; but when I ran out of syringes I went to Walgreens pharmacy and they sold me a different kind of syringes their brand claiming that they are the same and that I should give him the same dose indicated in the syringes, However, something is not doing right because my dog walks very slow, has no energy and had lost a lot of weight, in spite that I feed him the same and he is eating well and hungry all the time.

    I am worried if I am giving him the correct doses or not. We had him tested for worms and heartworms and both were negative. If we start him on the drugs our vet suggested can we be sure he will not get heartworms or intestinal worms?

    The most important step you can take to protect your puppy from parasites is to use a monthly product to control internal parasites and an oral or injectable product to prevent heartworms. These products should be used year round. Regardless…stay on the preventive your veterinarian recommends all year round. I just found out I am pregnant and my doctor said I must get rid of my indoor cats. I am very attached to my cats but the health of my baby comes first.

    What should I do? Your doctor is concerned about the spread of Toxoplasmosis from your cat. In expectant mothers this normally minor disease can have devastating results in the developing fetus. The good news is it is acquired by cats primarily by eating mice and birds. Furthermore it is only transmissible from cats for a very short time in their life. The risk of toxoplasmosis from cats is an outdated concern but is easily avoided by having someone else in the family empty the litter box daily.

    The risk of Toxoplasmis is most significant from eating unwashed vegetables and undercooked meat. Both should be avoided during pregnancy. I live in a high-rise in downtown Chicago. I have 2 cats that never go outdoors. Do I need to worry about worms? Because your pets are not outdoors the likelihood of exposure is far less than for an outdoor cat. Some common pests such as cockroaches can transmit some parasites and it is not out of the question that mosquitoes can find their way into your building.

    While risks are low only you can determine if they are acceptable. At very least have a stool sample checked once yearly on both cats so if there is infection it can be addressed. I am very concerned about chemicals around my family.

    Are there natural organic products that I can use to control fleas and ticks? While there are some natural products that have a slight repellent activity against fleas none have been shown to be very effective over the long haul. Eucalyptus oil, cedar chips and other aromatic oils may act as repellents but to have any effect at all they must be used very frequently and must be very fresh. This makes them a bit unpleasant to be around.

    Diatomaceous earth and Borax powder are very good drying agents and may be helpful in controlling fleas in the yard or even in the carpet. They can be a little messy but do help.

    My dog recently tested positive for Lyme disease. Does that mean I can catch it from my dog? People do not get Lyme disease directly from their pets. The disease is caused by a bacteria carried by a tick. The infection occurs when an infected tick bites a dog or person. There are no documented cases of a dog infected with Lyme disease transmitting the disease to a person.

    If a person and their dog test positive for Lyme disease it is likely due to the fact that both are exposed to infected ticks in the environment and not because the dog passed the infection to the person. Why should I control parasites for my pet year-round? Due to the large number of internal and external parasites and the high risk of pet infection, controlling parasites year-round is the most reliable way to ensure the highest level of health for your pet and well-being of your family.

    Year-round prevention is the most effective way to control cat and dog parasites and the diseases they can carry. Parasites can infect your pet any time of year. While external parasites, such as fleas and ticks, may be less of a problem during certain times of the year, depending on where you live, internal parasites worms can be present year-round. Do fleas on my pet present a health risk to my family? Fleas can carry and transmit several potential illnesses to humans, including rickettsiosis infection with Rickettsia and bartonellosis infection with Bartonella.

    Also, fleas serve as an intermediate host for tapeworms, which can infect both your pet and humans. What human-health problems are associated with ticks? Ticks transmit a large number of diseases in North America. Thanks for the smile. I understand that it is not ideal to put these chemicals on our animals BUT you have to weigh the risks.

    Yes I have tried the holistic approach and found that DE and other stuff just did not live up to its reputation and was like doing nothing at all. The nematodes on the other hand worked great on my flea infested yard…took about 7 days, then I had a flea free yard at least it seemed that way. If you do nothing or keep doing the things that do not work, your pet pays for it dearly. Working rescue, I have seen what fleas can do to animals from allergies to death, especially young or sick animals.

    It is very important to keep the fleas off of them and the actual risk from these products is small enough that I will continue to use them for this purpose. When I pulled my dog from the county shelter he had heartworms. The vets gave him poison to kill them, which worked, or he would be dead now.

    I went through multiple types of chemo, which is poison, to be cancer free today. So I think that you have to weigh the pros and cons. I believe there can be better living through chemistry and flea products show that…just ask a dog or cat that is in distress from constant scratching because of fleas.

    Sure would like to understand why the Frontline Plus dose for a 15 lb. Has anyone tried to split the cat dose between 2 small cats and had good results? Obviously there are instances of adverse reactions, just like with humans and some drugs. I do the same thing with it, per my vets instructions, I buy the largest dose he carries, and put it in an amber vial. You could save even more if you purchased from a place like Petshed. SJC, people like me do our homework and have scientific evidence to back up what we are saying.

    Frontline is made from fipronil. Fipronil in parts-per-trillion can mutate proteins and kill human liver cells. Research now shows that even minuscule exposure is toxic to vertebrates including humans and pets. Desulfinyl fipronil and fipronil sulfone are two of the chemicals left over after fipronil decays. They result from photodegradation, biotransformation or oxidization mechanisms. Both of these chemicals are more toxic than fipronil itself.

    They are also very persistent in the environment. A person can get an overdose of fipronil merely by petting a dog. Consider what it does to the dog! Fipronil is 1 of 16 pesticides selected to be monitored in a study sponsored by industry and planned by the EPA.

    Children will still be intentionally exposed. The study intends to use children from birth to age 3. I just want to know what they are feeding their dogs. Also they mentioned only treating one pet and not having any other problems. My 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 rats all get fleas even with just treating the 2 dogs that go outdoors. In fact, I have treated them all summer with Frontline plus and my 2 cats still have fleas after using this product for over 5 months.

    Obviously people have their own opinions and not everything that everyone says is going to be the truth because people do lie, especially when trying to prove a point. The worst you could do is talk to your vet about splitting medication.

    And for people that are arguing about using pesticides in your home. If you are freaking out about pesticides and not freaking about your microwave giving you cancer, then you are a hypocrite. Have a nice day folks! So does this theory work in reverse? My Great Dane has quadrupled in size since i bought some frontline. I have the 22 to 44lbs stuff. Now he weighs lbs. You looked at a study posted on a website that you already agree with. Oh and I love that you recommend diatomaceous earth which is also toxic to humans and animals and kills beneficial bugs as well as pests.

    But they are times better than what was available when I started grooming in the early 80s. Flea collars are a joke although there are a number of good tick collars Why they are still used is beyond me. Because I used dips on a daily basis, I was exposed at a much higher rate. When we left dips mixed up over night, the bottom of the bottles would be melted through from the dip.

    And you want to put that on your dog? Besides, they have no residual effect whatsoever. Flea shampoos are for the most part pesticides, even so called natural flea products can be harmful for some pets. They also only kill the fleas on the animal.

    They do nothing for new fleas. Advantage and Frontline, although not perfect, are by far the best flea products yet. Fleas do seem to be getting resistant to them, so I switch back and forth. My vet recommended it when my husband became disabled and we had 8 animals of our own. It worked like a dream! It can also be used again in a week for severe flea infestations. He vomited once and was fine. I have also used Frontline by splitting doses in a syringe.

    Although messy and complicated, it works too. I have found the best approach is to spend a weekend on flea duty with follow up treatments in 21 days. It kills fleas almost on contact and contains no pesticides. Then I clean all the crates, wash the bedding and vacuum like crazy.

    The next day after the bath, I use Frontline or Advantage on all the animals. I try to do it right before bedtime so they can be locked in their crates till it dries. This is especially important with Vectra which is deadly to cats.

    Fleas and ticks carry diseases, debilitate your pets and just plain make them miserable. Do your research, do what you feel is best for your family and pet, but please, do something! Sorry this is so long, but I deal with this all day, every day.

    I have been a veterinarian for 5 years and must say that I have seen thousands of animals that use frontline. Out of thousands of animals, maybe I have seen had true reactions to frontline, none of which were life threatening. I have had to witness the death of many kittens from flea anemia. I have seen many horrific cases of animals with flea allergies so bad that they have bleeding skin, no fur, and are thin because they spend all their time and energy from scratching themselves.

    Let me name a few other flea related diseases some potentially fatal that both you and your pet can get: Please for your pets sake use a reputable flea prevention.. But I do it on my pets. And for the folks out there claiming it causes cancer.. In our area, Middle Tennessee the fleas have developed profound resistance to everything else Advantage, Frontline, etc.

    That still works here, and quite effectively. Safety Summary for Veterinary Use I found, this med has a relatively enormous safety margin. Admittedly, rats and mice have less sensitive nervous systems than cats, but: While toxicity is possible with anything, including water , this product seems to have a considerable margin of safety.

    However, that goes for felines. Anyone with a dog; particularly certain pedigree breeds, considering selamectin really should read this data sheet first. Dogs of some breeds are sensitive to selamectin, other macrocyclic lactones or other drugs e.

    They can suffer more or less serious adverse effects if treated at dose rates higher than the recommended ones. Consequently dosing must be as accurate as possible. This is the case for Collies and related breeds, which have a mutation in the MDR-1 gene that affects the blood-brain barrier and makes it more permeable to such compounds than in dogs without this mutation.

    Besides Collies, other dog breeds have shown similar problems, although the MDR-1 mutation has not been confirmed in all of them. Other less affected breeds are: The only way to be sure that a dog is affected or not by the MDR-1 gene defect is to test for it. As more dogs are tested it is likely that the mutation is discovered in other breeds, or that the frequencies change.

    So, it appears that in general, selamectin is safer for cats, and dog owners of certain breeds would do well to check the breed list, and if they can afford to test for the MDR-1 gene defect, do so.

    In fact, my husband and I do the same thing for our own medications, if they are new, so if we would have an alarming reaction, there are all kinds of medical resources available, instead of just an emergency room.

    So far, the cats and us have not had these problems, though. My vet told me about this Frontline trick when I saved some dumped puppy mill dogs, and they were totally infested with fleas. I have done it on my cats before too, but they are almost entirely indoor cats, and so I rarely need to treat them for anything.

    Great idea Pat about doing new treatment and drugs on the weekdays. My local emergency room is so expensive it is cost prohibitive. Thanks for the suggestion. If you dont want to purchase off ebay — try http: Been doing this since I received an admittedly via company ineffective dosing of frontline, purchased at full price from my vet.

    Had a huge infestation but using this method plus precor in the house we have had no fleas and both dogs are healthy and happy. Been doing this for years and will spread the word……. According to the aximum pounds assigned to each vile size, the dose should be. For example, the vile for lbs is 1.

    Think of the dose a 4 lb chihuahua gets from the smallest vile!! The hard part is figuring the small doses. A 4 lb chihuahua gets. Am I computing this correctly?

    Marvin Von Renchler Your calculation is correct. Just remember that straight from the package your dog would be getting about 5x the amount necessary same as a 22lb dog , so if you just round it to. I agree completely with what Ed the Vet said here below in a earlier post.

    I have two small yorkies so I tried splitting the Frontline Plus dose. It was difficult to do and they both had fleas right away. I went back to giving the full dose. Also I saw a segment on national TV about drugs for humans and pets being sold cheaply on the internet or at flea markets no pun intended!

    You risk giving out of date or phony medication. It is almost impossible to tell from the packaging. For those not reading all the posts. First, no one here is advocating purchasing from a flea market or other dubious place.

    However, there IS the sharing of information on best place and prices. But again, no one here is advocating that. As I posted before, I use an amber vial with a silicon seal around the lid when I used to have any left, more animals now and never had any lost to evaporation. Got to think a bit when you do this stuff guys, or at least follow the path already trod by others.

    Someone else said it was very messy and difficult to do. I have never found that to be the case myself. The method I use, is as follows; I empty the contents into said vial. Then use a syringe to pull out the desired amount to make it easier I usually mark the amount with red , put on animal and repeat for the next.

    Now Ive heard they have added something to advantage and the old formula will be discontinued—and that the additional chemical is problematic—anyone hear of this? I dont want the new advantage but can t find the old formula anywhere.

    I think we have established that if you DO actually decide to use frontline you should get it at a reputable place like a vet, pet store, costco, etc.

    People who choose to buy on ebay are taking a small but definite risk. Maybe they dont really like their dogs. I have trouble believing that you are able to measure accurately with a syringe, however the recommended dose ranges are apparently broad anyhow.

    Hypothetically I dont see a problem with buying the 89lb dog range, splitting it in exactly half, use on two dogs, and save some money. If you are competent or are reading this comment you probably can do it. The original thread was to help save pet owners money not discuss morality, hippie alternatives, evaporation, or if we go to hell if we use frontline.

    Personally I use frontline on my two dogs once every 2 or 3 months and they have never had a single flea. I think we can agree that vets are people who care deeply for animals, and usually have 20 cats, no boyfriend, and they recommend frontline all day long. Especially with ebay having been turned into almost more of a storefront than Amazon.

    I have purchased Frontline from ebay, but it was years ago and from a reputable seller inside the US. That is what a syringe is for… To measure accurately. That is why it is recommended that you use one to measure Frontline, or Revolution out. I have bought my frontline off ebay for years and I love it. I buy the large size and use it to dose as lissted for small dogs. I have tried the mega dosage of frontline that you split up and dose the animal yourself.

    Mine was for cats. The first dosage was fine. The second dosage made my male cat sick and I have to wonder what happened. Was it because the package had been opened and sat for a month? Was this actually a dog dosage? However I will not be gambling with my cats well being as I did before. No more mega-dose-super-deals for me. Please correct the formula. I believe there is an error in your formula.

    Actually, if you divide, for example, the pounds with a vial containing 2. So to get 0. Also, like you, I keep three syringes marked for each size dog. I am reminded of something attributed to Mark Twain: As for my creatures, fipronil is fipronil, regardless of what is says on the label. We get the lowest price per ml we can find, usually the large dog dose, and simply do the math on an approximate weight basis. Works great on various sized dogs and cats.

    Rough approximation is more than adequate for dose calculation. The variables of fur density, time in the sun, genetic variability, general activity level, etc. Molecules and fleas have no idea what is written on the label, or how large the bottle was.

    As for toxicity, fipronil is not so to mammals. Sort of like a lock fitting a key. Very low human toxicity. It breaks down readily when exposed, especially to sunlight. The great majority of it is used in crop and structural insect control, so your use on pets is a literal drop in the bucket in nature, compared to spraying it on rice fields. Ever see a dog wretching and coughing non stop to infestation of worms?

    Look up the life cycle of a round worm, as well as the tape worm. See what can potentially happen to humans if you bring that into YOUR home. I have lived and dealt with death from the affects of people NOT protecting their animals, or deciding: Give the animal a bath.

    I lost a dog to a tick. It was painful to watch him die. They just let him there to die. Thank God the AC officers took him to a vet upon pick up, and once the vet saw the ticks he had over 50 on his body , began removing them.

    That dog is now living with a family in the north and loved beyond relief. If a seller specializes IN animal products and has been online at least years? I choose to only buy through my vet, I buy the biggest and dose them out by weight myself — we buy 7 big vials and they last for 12 months for 2 dogs, so right there, I saved the cost of 5 vials, plus we also dose out at every 6 weeks. We keep our dogs on Heartguard all year long as well, partially due to the dewormer I take in sick dogs, and it helps keep them worm free as well.

    Common myth regarding ticks is that they freeze off in the winter.. Any warm blooded animal can be a carrier and depending on when they jumped off, they can be waiting just about anywhere.

    Squirrels and rabbits and some birds do carry them. Great idea … I started to read thru the comments, there are many. I have purchased frontline plus on Ebay and must say it is a crap shoot. I no longer will purchase on ebay and have found the more reputable sellers such as Fosters and Smith have comparable pricing anyway.

    One last comment about Ebay….. I do not think they even knew it was counterfeit!!! Begarz, Hopefully you reported to the sellers it was counterfeit and filed with Paypal and ebay to get a refund? Also, when you run into something like that, I think you are supposed to file a report… Is it with the FDA???

    Anyway, they used to ask people to report stuff like that. I have a 55lb dog, buy the XL size and should, from 3 doses, have enough Until Dec, which depending on temps, is when I will stop and give his body a rest for about 5 months. Every 45 days, unless there is an outbreak, should be more than adequate for your average dog. Same thing for Heartworm protection. If you understand the life-cycle of the heartworm, you would be MORE than safe dosing every 4 months, until the time to stop dosing in your region is over.

    And you can buy Ivermectin at your feed store and probably have enough for your, and everyone you knows, animals for the season… Then have some left over for next year. Agggh, Sorry about the bad grammar crap, almost misspelled that above. A change in diet prevents the need to poison your dog! Ivermectin especially can kill a dog in the collie family. Frontline is the brand name for fipronil which is harmful to pets and humans alike.

    There is no need to give dangerous products to them when there are safe products like diatomaceous earth and nematodes. The local humane society actually sales people the largest dose and gives them a dose chart based on weight so we can save money doing it this way. My dogs only had fleas once in their lives, I moved into a new house already infested with fleas.

    As soon as I put the frontline plus on my dogs as recommended by the humans society all the fleas were gone and a pest control friend came out and sprayed my house and yard to kill the tiny monsters. Problem solved, have never seen another flea and I only put one dose a year on my dogs at the beginning of summer.

    Call your local humane societies, they sale it discounted and give you the syringes and dose chart. Vets just want your money. My vet told me to do this with the larger doses years ago and he is a wonderful vet! Also I go light in the dosing too, I would rather stay on the safest side possible with the chemicals.

    I only use it every three months on my dogs and it works great! Rescues do the same to save money. There is nothing improper, dangerous, or risky about this. Vets hold their customers hostage. I have a lb and an lb dog. It has always worked fine. This claim could only be applied to the Fipronil component, since both cyphenothrin and S -methoprene are both liquids at room temperature. The liquid is clear and shows no sign of suspended solids, and nothing settles out of the solution, even after a couple of months of sitting.

    I mentioned that I was not aware that Frontline is a suspension, and she proceeded to re-explain it like I was stupid. A whopping 10 letters. However if the Fipronil were of extremely tiny grain size, it could stay in suspension just due to Brownian motion, but again I see no reason for it not to be in solution, especially since any solvent that dissolves the other two insecticides in Frontline should also dissolve Fipronil. Anyone else heard claims of Fipronil being in suspension?

    Just check the MSDS. Sounds like a fearfully ignorant receptionist. That could be really bad. So, yeah, fipronil which dissolves very poorly in water, when used as a crop pesticide, is often a suspension for agriculture, but all Animal Health applications including Frontline dissolve it in organic solvents, and it is always in full solution for AH use. Further, there are pet meds that ARE suspensions—pyrantel pamoate, e.

    Never seen it in individual doses. So her argument is thus rendered even more invalid. The raw food diet does NOT kill off the larvae from hatching and spreading through the blood stream.

    Heck, we beef up all our rescues by using pure salmon oil on their foods, that is an immunity boosting! If we think a dog has allergies OR is suffering from mange, than they are put on grain free foods and yes, we dose them with Ivermectin — have to help them boost their immunity to get those mites back under control. Salmon oil is wonderful for that too! And nothing works like a GOOD bath for fleas on a dog! I have a spray that I use only can buy from vet and I bomb my bathroom with it after I have complete a round of baths.

    Any fleas in there will die off, and bathroom door remains closed for 24 hours,. I had a friend poison her cat by thinking she could save money, and unfortunately, she had to pay to have the cat hospitalized because it became very lethargic and was throwing up. Advantix has its advantages as well, but we are sticking to FP.

    The mites live within the hair follicles, and keep on moving. Steve, why waste your time on a receptionist? If you have been purchasing for years, just ask your vet to contain his help. Also, why are you buying at vets? Initially with the help of my vet.

    Frontline is one of those. Read for information on how to do it correctly. The chemical is not the same. And my friends cat was just one more reason why it does not work.

    My dogs never need their teeth cleaned. Please wake up before you damage your dogs even more. Organic species appropriately fed dogs are vastly superior to what most people consider a good life for a dog. This means not only not putting pesticides on the dog but also not putting them in the yard and around the house.

    Again TC, you are spouting generalities with little specifics. Human society is also very vague and does not speak for all of the animal community.

    The majority discourage the practice because many people are stupid and will not apply correctly. So that is one reason why something that is safe, is often told that it is not. I work in animal rescue and help run one now. And I explained to you that my vet was fine and even helps people save money by showing them how to do it. For Frontline, you are correct, the ingredients are different. But it actually LESS of the second ingredient, than with cats.

    So technically, if given the proper dosage, it should be safer, since they are receiving less of a chemical. You just need to dose correctly, based upon weight.

    You have presented your case and I have presented mine. That is not the purpose of this group. Wow what a heated argument ….

    I agree that feeding a dog a raw diet has nothing to do with flea prevention! I used to give frontline and i bought the biggest dose and gave it to all my dogs using a luer lock syringe and any that was left over i plunged the needle in a blob of dried silicone to prevent evaporation and stored till the next month ….

    I got a chiuauhah puppy he is about 5 months now.. The vet gave me a sample of advantage 11 for him for dogs under 10 pounds … He was 2. So i bought a needle and pulled the. And it lasted 6 weeks before i even saw another one on him and i would have seen them he sleeps with me … I just purchased a box of the advantage 11 from an ebay seller who ive been purchasing k9 advantix 11 from for 2 yrs and my dad purchases his advantage 11 from..

    I will say i know that you cannot! Use k9 advantix be it 1 or 11 on cats t all! There is a reason it says k9 in the name! It has a chemical in it that is toxic to cats! Wanted to say the reason i use a different med for the big dog is because it repels ticks and misquitos…. Also on another subject i started buying about 2 yrs ago ivermectin. I have been doing it for about 2 yrs … Before that i used to used the cattle injectable stuff for my big dogs …it was to hard to get a correct dose for the small ones ….

    For those that choose to divide the Xtra-large dog dose for smaller pets, there are some concerns that I have found that you should be aware of. Exposure to oxygen will break down fipronil at a fairly fast rate and exposure to moisture will break down even faster. Exposure to sunlight is the fastest. What does this mean? Well if you divide up the doses into a larger vial, this will have oxygen and water in it from the atmosphere it is exposed to and in the container you store it in.

    The larger the container the more it is exposed to moister and oxygen. What should this mean to you is:. Store the chemical in the smallest container that will hold it. Use a dark container and keep it out of the sun light. Perhaps drawing the chemical in a syringe directly would be the best and then inject it into a air tight container that is just large enough to hold the volume intend to store.

    It is important that the container you keep it in is very air tight. My biggest concern is if you allow light to come into contact with the Fipronil. It will break down very quickly when exposed to sunlight and the chemical the Fipronil degrades into is 10 times as toxic. For the record Fipronil in dog medication is not the same as you find in other Pesticide formulation you find it in. The dog medication is likely much purer and their are other ingredients added specially designed for application to dogs and cats.

    Messing around with things yourself can get you into trouble. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye. The metabolite MB is more highly toxic to birds, and the metabolites MB and MB are more highly toxic to freshwater invertebrates than fipronil itself PAN Ditto what bigjohnson said…… Keeping all of our five cats and 2 dogs flea free on our budget was horrific before I discovered splitting the doses.

    Buying Frontline at the vets was extremely expensive. We had a huge flea infestation years ago and it took months to get rid of them all. The boxes are still sealed and have not been tampered with. I must say this thread had me ROFL at a few of the posts. I foster cats and dogs for a rescue organisation and found this article because I was weighing up what size of Revolution to get for our 3 current foster kittens.

    They probably weigh about 2kgs each, the larger dose goes up to 7. So I can treat all 3 with one dose! Though at that weight and I imagine age, I typically hold off until older, unless they are infested or other circumstances force it upon you. Lord knows their little bodies are going through so much with all the vaccinations, so I try to hold off on any more toxic shock to the body for as long as possible. For the average size adult cat, 0. With them weighing in under 5lbs, if I did my conversion to lbs correctly, you can use a bit less.

    Also, while I have used Revolution in the past. I would NOT use it every month. Also, you certainly do not need to use it every 30 days. At the very least, give it every 6 weeks. There is no reason an animal needs to be dewormed along with killing flees, etc. But that is another topic and thus not appropriate for this discussion hint, hint. But nobody says you have to get your meds on eBay. They are sourcing it from the manufacturer, just like your local vet.

    I have a 17 lb dog and I buy the 89 to lb Frontline plus. I buy it from Pet Meds and I get 6 doses from each applicator. So what I was paying for 3 doses, I now get 18 doses. I told my uncle about this because he was complaining about the cost of flea medication for his two dogs. This report seems to summarize the average veterinarian and manufacturer positions on splitting flea treatment dosages I disagree and will briefly explain. It happens that some users want to save money buying large spot-ons for treating smaller dogs or even cats!

    The risk of overdosing is considerable, either due to erroneous calculations or to unskilled manipulation. In addition, dog medicines may sometimes contain ingredients that are toxic to cats. Except to other people will not make as much money from you. I feel their pain, but a lot of folks are really hurting financially, and maybe their pain should count, too. Cat rescue groups are notoriously underfunded and use this technique all the time. Often with initial training from a sympathetic vet.

    The alternative is animals and homes suffering flea infestations because so many Just.

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    We have a fairly good grasp on the effects of cannabis and human If you're still not convinced (and if that's the case, you shouldn't own a pet) We encourage you to ask your vet about CBD use, but don't be surprised if he or she does times a day, Teenie can now go days with just one dosage. 1; 2; 3. STEP 1: Enter the size of your CBD bottle in ml. Helpful conversions: to the vet, as long as you don't exceed the maximum daily dose you'll be good. Our CBD dosage calculator is a handy little tool that helps you improve your pet's On a good day, this may mean they are only mildly anxious and just need the. Gabapentin for dogs is an awesome medication that's now being Just like humans, dogs and cats can experience health problems including pain and seizures over their lifetime. What Can I Give My Dog For Pain: Gabapentin Dosage For Dogs What are the most common side effects of gabapentin?.

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    We have a fairly good grasp on the effects of cannabis and human If you're still not convinced (and if that's the case, you shouldn't own a pet) We encourage you to ask your vet about CBD use, but don't be surprised if he or she does times a day, Teenie can now go days with just one dosage.


    1; 2; 3. STEP 1: Enter the size of your CBD bottle in ml. Helpful conversions: to the vet, as long as you don't exceed the maximum daily dose you'll be good. Our CBD dosage calculator is a handy little tool that helps you improve your pet's On a good day, this may mean they are only mildly anxious and just need the.


    Gabapentin for dogs is an awesome medication that's now being Just like humans, dogs and cats can experience health problems including pain and seizures over their lifetime. What Can I Give My Dog For Pain: Gabapentin Dosage For Dogs What are the most common side effects of gabapentin?.


    Melatonin for dogs can be an excellent supplement in your pet's diet. What are the signs of a melatonin overdose in dogs? It is a natural and safe supplement that helps to combat sleep It is possible to calculate the dosage of melatonin to give your dog Don't let your anxiety get the best of you!.


    A growing number of veterinarians believe cannabis can effectively 2. Don't Calculate Dosage as if Your Pets Were Just Small Humans.


    The ones that are important in understanding diabetes are found in small islands The only way to be sure that your pet is diabetic is to document that its blood when cats develop diabetes, their condition is more similar to human Type II diabetes. .. What If The Calculated Dose Of Insulin Does Not Lower My Pet's Blood.

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