Pure and Organic CBD & and Hemp Products

Effective medicine provided by mother nature

  • Powerful relaxant

  • Strong painkiller

  • Stress reduction
  • Energy booster

Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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10. Endoca

Genesis: CBD



  • Genesis: CBD
  • CBD Brand Reviews
  • Description
  • CBD Genesis offers a fast and efficient way to take CBD with this full-spectrum CBD e-liquid. This product can be vaporized or consumed sublingually. This CBD tincture is a best-seller from CBD Genesis. Available in potencies which can help all users, CBD oil is great for many types of relief. Get started vaping CBD with our CBD Genesis E-Liquid and the SmokTech Stick V8 Baby. Our Genesis CBD Starter Kit helps you get started vaping CBD with our own CBD Genesis E-Liquid and the Black SmokTech Stick V8 Baby, a smaller version of SmokTech’s V8 platform. It consists of a.

    Genesis: CBD

    Kannaway Review Brand Rating: Cannadiol Review Brand Rating: NutraCanna Review Brand Rating: Bluebird Botanicals Review Brand Rating: Farmacy Bliss Review Brand Rating: Entourage Hemp Review Brand Rating: Treatibles Review Brand Rating: Folium Biosciences Review Brand Rating: Isodiol Review Brand Rating: HempWorx Review Brand Rating: Palmetto Harmony Review Brand Rating: MedTerra Review Brand Rating: Thoughtcloud Review Brand Rating: Elite Botanicals Review Brand Rating: Green Gorilla Review Brand Rating: Prime Sunshine Review Brand Rating: Phivida Review Brand Rating: Hemplogica Review Brand Rating: CannazAll Review Brand Rating: Ambary Gardens Review Brand Rating: Cibdol Review Brand Rating: Ojai Energetics Review Brand Rating: PureKana Review Brand Rating: Smart Organics Review Brand Rating: PharmaHemp Review Brand Rating: Hempower Review Brand Rating: Veritas Farms Review Brand Rating: Canna Companion Review Brand Rating: Restorative Botanicals Review Brand Rating: Dixie Botanicals Review Brand Rating: Foria Review Brand Rating: Hemp Fusion Review Brand Rating: Really helps with my anxiety.

    I first tried the mg. It works best for me by vaping it. My doctor actually recommended the CBD cause i was trying to get off of a non narcotic anti anxiety medication. Only thing is that u have to watch how much you take cause it makes me a little too chill.

    But is also great for falling asleep. Jeremy — June 18, We have purchased this brand multiple times in different strengths and mg works best for us.

    We will continue to purchase Genesis CBD tincture. I have an immune system disease called Myasthenia Gravis. Side effects of medications have been horrible. Within 3 weeks of starting daily CBD oil, many of my side effect symptoms are completely gone. Even my doctor could see the difference and was amazed.

    Daniel — June 14, I enjoyed educating myself through your website. Ian — June 10, Rebecca — June 8, This product really works. My 90 year old mother uses it for her arthritis in knees and hand.

    I use it for pain and sleep. I recommend it to all my friends. Latoya — June 8, Loretta — June 6, Love this cbd oil. I have taken many different brands. I love this one. Tho I highly recommend it for anexity and muscle pain.

    Lynette — June 5, In fact it works too well for me. This was my first CBD purchase and I purchased mg. Way too strong for a novice. My friend offered to buy it but I decided to keep it and rub it directly onto my burning foot.

    I have neuropathy and rubbing it on the ball of my foot really helped. I also added a dropper full to the mg CBD pain cream I purchased. This too is working well. Freiburd — June 5, Waiting for relief of age-related pain. Not enough info on product. Where is it made? What is the strain? Our very first CBD purchase, got ripped off at the vape store, paid The taste is very mild.

    Barrett — June 4, Thank You to the Genesis team. I have benefited from the Genesis tincture for a couple months now and recently doubled the strength. Not only did it save me money, the bottle lasted longer. Wipada — June 2, Theresa — May 25, Teresa — May 22, Monica — May 19, This is my second time buying and the quality is consistent.

    The tincture is more convenient than vaping and the cbd kicks in within 30 minutes for me. SuSu — May 12, You live and learn, and do better, but I still dwell on my mistakes. Quite strange that now i need it less. When taking prescriptions and smoking MJ for the past 20 years, this is what actually helps?!!! I am so lucky to have found this. Joseph — May 11, DaZhawn — May 9, John — May 6, The Genesis Product is the best I have tried to date and recommend this at the mcg level.

    Thanks for providing the best CBD and customer service in the industry!!! The strength is the most effective I have used yet.. Thanks for such a great product.. James — May 4, Vic — May 2, Barrett — May 1, I really liked it. It helps with both pain and anxiety. Donald — April 17, It was shipped quickly and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful with questions.

    I recommend it to my family and friends! I will definitely be a returning customer! Ariel — April 16, Marc — April 15, Joshua — April 14, Jessica — April 12, Jennifer — April 4, Kristi — April 2, Barbara — March 29, Ru — March 27, I give this product a five because you feel the calm within seconds. I got mg, 2 to 3 drops a day Depending on what type of day Im having, for my anxiety. I cope alot better in everyday life. I will continue to buy genesis tincture from vape juice as long as they have this product.

    Jeremy — March 27, It relieves my back pain and calms our anxiety very effectively. We plan to continue using Genesis in the future.

    Yolanda — March 24, Patricia — March 18, Betty — March 16, My overall feeling is improved. Will be upping the mg on next purchase. Hello, I am giving the product itself a five-star rating, OK?

    It took a while to figure out how much I required; unfortunately, it made me very sleepy! So I divided the dose and take a smaller amount every three or four hours during the day. So I suggest you use a different kind of ink for the label, and also supply a separate information sheet, with more complete and easy-to-read information. Hope my feedback helps. Richard — March 13, Mark — March 13, Stacy — March 12, Richard Gillis — March 12, Great quality and have been recommending to both family and friends.

    Highly recommend this the CBD Genesis tincture and give it 10 stars out of 5. Victor — March 12, Alexandra — March 12, Bill — March 12, Cameron — March 6, Angela Rowell — March 1, I have been taking cdb mg sublingal x per day for the last week and a half.

    I just received my new bottle of My scatia pain is gone, i can sleep, i am happy and more outgoing, even my menstrual cramping has lightened and I am due for a hysterectomy next month. I am completly sold! Lek — March 1, Its great, I understand that everyone would have a slightly different experience on the product depending on your body.

    The product works well for me and has helped with my sleep anxiety and helps me relax. I do find that I am heavy head in the morning. But, I have used this now for around 1 week and everything seems to be great.

    Outstanding delivery and on time. The overall experience I can differently recommend this product. Great taste, natural extract cannabis tasting.

    William — February 28, Tom — February 28, Super easy and great options and good prices comparatively. Cbd has helped with my chronic anxiety and stiffness also. Alex — February 25, I got this product to help with severe anxiety and daily headaches and migraines.

    I started with the mg in the morning and in the evening. I will say, it has drastically reduced the pain of my headaches and helps me sleep much better.

    I have yet to notice any change in my anxiety, so I am going to try the mg next. Got my product in 3 days with free shipping. Donald — February 16, Johnny — February 14, Love the product, great prices! Has really helped with my anxiety, and spondylosis pain. I highly recommend it.

    Stephanie — February 9, Kristi — February 4, This oil was purchased to possibly help with intense chronic pain in the back of the head. After using it for a week, there seems to be some improvement with the nausea associated with the pain.

    Will continue using this product, being our last hope, and trusting that over time it will help more and more. Correspondence with employee at Genesis was quick and professional. Tammy — February 1, Adam — February 1, Stacey — January 30, Michael W — January 26, Im a 65yr male with chronic arthritis pain using daily mg tincture.

    Helps with pain, energy and overall feeling better. I have researched and tryed other cbd products and this one works the best for me. I get week use from 1 bottle but i take larger and more frequent doses when pain is intense. Thanks for all you do. Adam — January 26, Scott — January 25, This was my second time ordering. I have shared this juice with many friends. Excellent product for reducing pain and angziety.

    Richard — January 22, Beth — January 17, Great products very potent and worth every penny! Adam — January 16, Freddy — January 16, I use the mg oil for my inflammation on my feet from my gout and for nerve pain..

    Patricia — January 14, Steve — January 10, Really helps me with anxieity and my leg stiffness and cramping I get from a neurological disorder I have. Michael W — January 9, Pamela — January 9, Danielle — January 9, Jakub — January 9, I bought the mg cbc. Had more effect off of mg couple months ago. That one tasted like hemp and was thick. This mg one has texture like coconut oil and not that potent.

    Jenny — January 9, Highly recommend the quality of the sublingual vs. The process is cleaner, quicker, and smoother. Abdulhakeem — January 9, Love the smell and taste of the tincture. Taste very much of Cannabis. The tincture helps prevent migraine attaches for me. I usually take it when I feel the pain arrive in the back of my neck. Dameontrak — December 28, Best cbd product ever, with in the first hit I felt relief from anxiety and stress.

    Will definitely order again. Dean — December 26, Ordering and delivery is great through this company. Order came in as stated on order.

    The drops work great. Billy — December 26, This product is very good and i would recommend it to anyone interested in trying CBD. Davron — December 20, Deborah — December 19, Mary — December 18, Jessica — December 14, This was my first experience buying unflavored cbd.

    It is not unflavored — there is definitely a distinct taste and smell. It took a little getting used to, but I found that it mixes very well with either peppermint or orange flavored ejuices two of my favorite flavors.

    This is the first cbd eliquid that I can honestly say has helped with relaxation. I have unbearable muscles spasms along with severe joint and tendon issues, and I believe I get some pain relief because because my muscles do start to relax.

    I am still playing with dosage to see what works best for me, but I plan on purchasing this from here again. Dallas — December 14, I vape it and put some on my tongue daily.

    It is fantastic, tastes great. Has the desired effect. Jen — December 13, Jamie — December 13, Teresa — December 12, Susan — December 11, This oil works great topically on my joints. It really cuts down the pain. The only complaint I have is the bottle the opening is too narrow and the oil leaks when you put the dropper back in so you waste product.

    Cherie — December 11, Luis A — December 11, Gisele — December 11, Good quality that why I keep ordering. I order 3 and one bottle arrived broken I called and they send anther right away. Allison — December 10, The quality is pure. And the shipping is quick What more could we ask for in this day and age? I Highly recommend them for both quality and service. Eyas — December 9, Dennis — December 9, Linda — December 7, Sara — December 7, My puppy got ahold of it while I was gone and chewed the top off.

    Drew — December 7, I love the fact that your site has a mg at the cheapest price that i can find for quality! I will stick with cbdvapejuice. Curtis — December 5, Not MCT oil or any essential oils for that matter. Alexa — December 4, Candie — December 3, Great product have been using for long time now. Only con I have is that it can be packaged a little better. Jason — December 3, My first, but not last, purchase. Using the mg bottle. Tried sublingual and vaping. Vape is fast acting.

    Ordered on a Mon, and received Wed. Super pleased and satisfied. Joe — December 2, Jack — December 1, Dean — November 30, The customer service is great and my product came in as scheduled. Will definitely do business you again. Ching Yu — November 30, Very thick with heavy terpenes?

    It will definitely clogs your coil and require frequent change of cotton. Best to used on an RDA. Otherwise, I am very happy with the effects. Sammad — November 30, Teresa — November 29, Liliana — November 29, Richard — November 29, Kimra — November 29, Chantell — November 29, Jerry — November 29, Mariano — November 28, Pamela — November 28, Josh — November 28, I decided to try CBD for minor back pain and anxiety, and tried the mg.

    The taste took a little getting used to, but I really like it now. I just received my order for the mg bottle in order to vape. I just contacted a rep about some questions I had and the response was immediate, informative and professional. Highly recommend this product and this company. Fretta — November 10, I have chronic pain and it has cut my use of Advil by half.

    Have not had it but a few weeks. Have not used it under my tongue only vape. Will be buying again. Carmelle — November 9, Ronald — November 8, Master Mason 33rd BlackBelt — November 8, I Vape it, I Put some in all my Drinks. I it mix it with pain cream. Rich — November 5, Taste okay but really hits hard.

    Havent found a great way to vape it yet. About to try thining it with another juice 1: Barbara — November 4, I love it tastes so good… i use 50watts on it … i buy 2 bottles every month of mg. Thick stuff spills outside of bottle but i take my finger and clean it off and i lick it so no waste there.. JZ — October 30, I love this product..

    Thank you sooooooooo much. Pain is more tolerable but i rather feel more healthy. It can be stressful for new beginners to use it. When i shake the bottle what i do is i take the cap off with the dropper and i place my thumb over the opening of the bottle and i shake it really good for 1 minute before each use then i lick my fingers yumm,…. I hope it works for you all. Carmelle — October 30, Eva — October 30, Rich — October 29, Allan — October 29, Eva — October 29, CBDmama — October 26, This product is awesome.

    It has helped tremendously with my anxiety and back pain. The only issue I have is with the bottle gets a bit messy when putting the dropper in and out. Ronald — October 25, Megan — October 25, Dottie — October 22, Terri Aragon — October 22, If I could give it a 0 I would. The taste is too sweet and it is useless. Do not spend the money unless you want to search and spend more money on more e-liquid to thin it out and good luck finding something that is not nicotine.

    I will probably throw it in the trash. I called them the day I got it and no help except spend more money for e-liquid if that does not work it too will go in the trash what a scam business.

    I tried to use it in 3 different cartridges and nothing. Genesis — October 22, Sorry yo hear about that Terri.

    Yes Genesis vape is not meant for small cartridges. Its too thick because its full spectrum. You have a 2 options. Buy a better vape setup that can handle thicker liquids or use the Genesis under your tongue instead of vaping it if you cannot afford to get another vape setup at this time.

    Also please note we are very far from a scam. Just make sure you speak to someone before making a purchase. We would have told you the same thing on the phone. My mom has sever chronic pain and she said it help take the edge off of it.. Jim — October 22, Kathryn — October 21, I gave the five stars despite the fact it tastes vile.

    And unless you have a vape tank that can handle thicker oils you may struggle with clogging. It really helped when it came to my anxiety and improved my focus.

    Is less to do with the product. And more to do with the people behind the scenes. The guys on the phone. If there was a way for me to do a seperate review. And if this gets read by the customer service team. Please please email me with a way to contact your bosses so I can sing your praises. The UK and in fact the majority of companies Have a lot to learn from how to treat people with regards to customer services.

    Your customer services representatives are gold star and deserve an award or recognition within the company. My only sadness is that due to my lack of short term memory I cannot name the female supervisor I spoke with via the U. Because if I could. I would definitely be sending a message to her boss to let them know how fantastic an employee they have in her. Genesis — October 21, This is the bossman here! Thank you for the praising of our workers and great customer service!

    Rob — October 21, When I try to refill my tank using the eye-dropper built into the cap of the bottle, I actually spill more than I can get into the tank. Porn — October 20, Alexandra — October 20, First time trying a tincture after using cbd gummies the last year. Great taste, arrived on time and much relief.

    Monica — October 19, Greg — October 19, Nickie — October 18, Matt — October 18, Candie — October 16, Excellent product great value and fast shipping. The only thing I can think of that you guys could improve of is a little better packing. Otherwise I believe everything else is A1 top notch. Charles — October 16, Jimmy — October 14, Maria — October 14, I am so pleased with my purchase of CBD oil.

    The ordering is simple and just takes a few clicks! The product, however, is what has literally changed my life! I suffer from a rare lung disease called LAM, which has no cure and is progressive. Since the discovery of this outstanding and in my eyes, miraculous CBD product, my lung capacity has significantly improved, my stamina has increased and my depression has literally disappeared!

    My qualify of life has been restored! Timothy — October 14, The order process was quick and easy. I had a question which i sent to customer service, they quickly responded. I ordered the Genesis cbd, mg. I wish there were other flavors as this product i found to be bitter.

    As far as how it works, great for anxiety, takes the edge off. Luke — October 13, This is a great product, high potency, really gets the job done.

    Will definitely buy again once I run out of my first batch! Carlos — October 11, Courtney — October 5, Domenic — October 3, Orlando — October 2, Mickel — October 2, After initially ordering the mg bottle, the mg version without a doubt blew me away. I would certainly order from you guys again.

    Gary — October 2, I was super pleased with the customer service, and the excellent price of the Genesis mg cbd Vape. Also, my order arrived fast, and no damage to contents. I had about a 6 month layoff from baking the Genesis, so I am taking it slow and giving my system time to adjust to it once again. I am believing for the same great results as last time. My back pain was much relieved, and stomach pain gone and off some meds and cut way back on another med. It does work folks!

    Try this product , and I know the folks at cbd vapejuice will be more than glad to talk to you. Amy — September 28, The juice is nice and thick so it lasts long. I actually like the flavor, tastes more like the real thing! Very relaxing and calming effect it has. Caleigh — September 26, Dawson — September 24, I have a bunch of issues with my back and joints — arthritis, pinched nerves, muscular spasms, you name it.

    Started using CBD a couple of months ago to complement my pain management treatment and I use it both sublingual and in vape form. I got this product in the mg strength and use it as an additive to non-nicotine e-juice. I vary the concentration of the mix between the equivalent of mg to mg depending on the level of pain I have that day or the level of physical effort I will do during the day.

    Would not recommend for sublingual use or pure use due to its strong herbal flavor, but if it does not bother you, take it straight.

    Will definitively buy again! Gisele — September 21, Candie — September 19, Juanita — September 19, Dottie — September 17, I have tried other CBD vape products and always come back to Genesis. I order on line, the product is always mailed out in a timely fashion. I know I can count on quality with Genesis.

    Michael — September 16, Kathryn — September 14, But there are tanks out there designed for vaping thicker liquids. Also great as a dropper under the tongue but beware. Does the job though. Jessica L — September 3, I really like this product. I vaped a bit of it but Its a bit too thick so i just put a drop or two under my tongue and i find that works better for me.

    I use the mg and my anxiety has been greatly diminished also can barely feel my back pain and menstrual cramps. I will definitely keep buying this product. Sean — September 2, Ordered the mg, but will be ordering mg next time. I have anxiety and have had a fusion in my neck and a laminectomy in my lower back.

    This has had a significant effect on the anxiety, and seems to take the edge off the pain. I discovered that vaping it and taking it sublingual have slightly differing effects, so combining seems to help. I look forward to the possibilities with the higher potency.

    Max — September 2, Blakely — August 27, Joslyn — August 26, So, I want to start my review with saying that I really do enjoy the effects of this product. It is still usable with a vape but I recommend adding other juice to it, higher in PG than VG, or it will have dry hits. It does help me a lot with my anxiety though. John — August 25, Quality is always good from start yo finish. Tabitha Althar — August 24, I want a lifetime supply.

    Also helps with chronic pain from a back injury that left me with nerve pain! The cream is amazing as well. I recommend this to anyone who is skeptical but serious about a remedy for anxiety, depression, insomnia, overthinking, ADD, chronic pain.. I even got my grandma some because CBD lowers blood sugar levels diabetes..

    Jessica — August 22, Andrew — August 19, Does exactly as it says couldnt be more pleased i suffer from severe anxiety disorder and sleep deprivation and since i started using the genesis product i sleep through the night and have had little to no anxiety. Curley — August 19, I usually buy the mg for myself, but this time I purchased the mg for my wife to try… She loved it! Raymond — August 19, Randall — August 13, Eric — August 8, This has been a life saver.

    Will be buying another bottle here soon. Christopher — August 7, This is a good product, but it takes droppers to work. The bottle leaks every time shaken, and that means every use. Jolene — August 7, I purchased it for my dad and he loves it …he did however have to add flavoring juice to it.

    I contacted the company through their website chat option with my questions and they were above and beyond helpful. We will be reordering again and again. We are very very happy pleased with the products, the service and the people. Andrea — August 4, The juice helped my anxiety and some pain I had been having in my lower back, I would definitely recommend.

    Super fast shipping, two days for me, though my bottle was cracked and it leaks a little after sitting for a bit but it was probably just an unfortunate coincidence. Definitely plan on buying more. Dianna — August 4, My husband loves the stuff and it works really well for him. Thank you a very greatful and loyal customer. Carley — August 3, The package arrived in a short time but the dropper is crooked so the bottle leaks. The product itself seems to do the trick.

    Hazel — August 2, This product tested positive in a drug test that I took for a benzodiazapine. My first drug test showed positive for a benzo. I stopped using this and it was negative for a benzo. Then I reintroduces it to my cape and it came up positive for a benzo again. Overall the price is good and the shipping is fast. Michael — July 29, Jason — July 29, My shopping experience with cbdvapejuice. I would highly recommend cbdvapejuice.

    It gives me headaches, a weird feeling on my chest, and makes my voice sound foggy. I also develop a cough whenever I use it. The taste is very strong also. Anthony — July 26, John — July 24, Actually ordering the mg for my grandfather now. He takes 5 drops at night before bed. Says he doesnt use his cpap machine for sleeping anymore and his snoring is almost gone.

    Nickie — July 23, Wife started using Genesis e-liquid sublingaully for anxiety management. She has tried other products and keeps coming back to this Genesis e-liquid. Nicholas — July 18, Aaron — July 17, The mg genesis e liquid. For me as I have bad anxiety and other problems he mg works well for. A bottle of the mg and. Right off I can tell it was a lot stronger and with in a minit of.

    Use I feel relaxted and. Has really helped more with sum of my. Akes and pains from back problems and knees. Win I get more money and. Your sells always help to save. Us a little money. Keep up the good work in runing a grate site. Chad — July 15, Yasser — July 13, Arrived in a timely manner, and is a great product.

    Would highly recommend as an alternative to a nicotine based e-juice. Michael — July 10, Wonderful product, helps with anxiety, sleeping, and even certain pain like lower back. Highly encourage to give it a try at least once. Larry — July 3, CBD genesis e-liquid is a medically active substance. I mix it in a vapor pen half with zero nicotine juice and half with these CDBs, this makes it vape real well.

    I feel the affects. When i use these CBDs I am uplifted from the negative symptom of not wanting to do or participate and i after a short while set down the vape pen and start moving. My Specialist said,so you have better day then.?

    We talked some more, and she told me now since the DEA quietly said about June 4, they are no longer targeting CBDs federally and they are legal, my Doctor told me to move right ahead with my research. These work wonderfully for what i am using them for, to function and feel uplifted out of having schizophrenia, just the way the studies been saying for some years. I would remind you it is medically active, and possibly should only be used for medical conditions it is know to treat.

    Have a great day! Joseph — June 30,

    CBD Brand Reviews

    Our most concentrated, best-selling CBD to date. CBD Genesis contains no PG, therefor it can be vaped by itself, added to any E-liquid, or even taken sublingual . Returns · Privacy · Terms · My Account · Wholesale CBD · Age Verification by gvax.info This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of. Introducing CBD Genesis. Our most concentrated, best-selling CBD to date. It's meant to take sublingually. drops under the tongue is a good starting point for .




    Our most concentrated, best-selling CBD to date. CBD Genesis contains no PG, therefor it can be vaped by itself, added to any E-liquid, or even taken sublingual .


    Returns · Privacy · Terms · My Account · Wholesale CBD · Age Verification by gvax.info This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of.


    Introducing CBD Genesis. Our most concentrated, best-selling CBD to date. It's meant to take sublingually. drops under the tongue is a good starting point for .


    This week we are celebrating CBDVapeJuice's back-to-school promotion, with 20 % discount on a selection of leading CBD products. We have.


    Introducing CBD Genesis, our most concentrated, best-selling CBD to date. Vape it by itself, add it to your favorite e-liquid, or take it sublingual.


    CBD Vape Juice offers the best CBD products from top brands in the industry. They also make their own CBD e-liquid for CBD Genesis and.

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